2017. július 6., csütörtök

1.3 – a családi élet mindennapjai, otthoni teendők

Do you usually do some of the household chores?

What do you have to do at home?

I don’t really like doing the washing up and the washing, ironing and sweeping the floor. Although I hate dusting the furniture, hoovering or cleaning the windows I have to do it sometimes. There is always a lot to do, so I help my mother with watering the flowers, tiding up, cleaning up the mess and hanging out the washing. Sharing the housework is never easy, but in my family everybody has to do something and everybody is responsible for her own room.

Who do you think does the most in the household?
I have to admit that my mother does most of the work and I could help my mother more.
What can make these duties easier?
Fortunately, we have some labour-saving devices, like the hoover, microwave-oven, washing machine and dishwasher. Using these household gadgets can make cooking and cleaning the house a lot easier.
How often do you usually clean your room?
I like to keep my place clean and tidy, that’s why I always put my things back on the self and I have very well organized drawers. I usually do the tiding up on Saturday or Sunday morning, because I have time then.

sweeping – sörögetés
dusting – portörlés
hoovering – porszívózás
tiding up – rendet rak
the mess – rendetlenség
responsible – felelős

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