2017. július 6., csütörtök

2.2 – baráti kör

Tell me about your friends, please.

How many friends do you have?

I have lots of friends from the school, but only one a few close ones. Most of my friends are my classmates. I think I am lucky because I have many friends and we can talk about everything and go everywhere together.

How long have you known them? Where did you meet them?
We all go to the same school or dance class. We used to be members of the same choir.
What do they do?
They are all students. Some of them go to my school while the others I rarely meet.
Who is your best friend?
She is called Anett and she goes to the same school. We are both go to the same dance club. We are quite alike because we both are friendly and patient.
What do you like doing together? Do you have the same interests /goals /personality features /etc.?
Most of the time we go to the cinema and concerts. We usually meet on Saturdays int he shopping mall. We are both interested in biology, but when it comes to future plans we have different plans and ideas.

alike – hasonló
mall – sétány

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