2017. július 6., csütörtök

2.3 – a tizenévesek világa: kapcsolat a kortársakkal, felnőttekkel

What is your relationship with your family members like?

What are your common characteristics and interests? What are the things that you all like doing?

We all like going for a walk in the forest. We enjoy the times when we celebrate family events.

What is the difference between you and your parents? What do you think the term „generation gap” means?
They don’t understand my problems. They lived in a different world and that’s why they have different opinions. They say I waste my time with playing computer games.
What do family members most often argue about?
Parents don’t let their children do what they want to and they usually don’t like their attitude towards school. Sisters are always wearing each other’s clothes and never helping each other tidy their room. Apart from the occasional arguments they respect each other and support each other in everything.
Would you like to change your parents or grand parents in any way?
It would be nice if they were more lenient, not so strict and more flexible. I wish the could understand my problems. I like them the way they are.
Do you think you should change your behaviour?
I could be more honest and reliable. Maybe I should help more with the housework. It’s true that I am not always a saint, but I don’t want to hurt them.

attitude – viselkedés
towards – felé
apart from – eltekintve valamitől
support – támogat
lenient – engedékeny
strict – szigorú
flexible – rugalmas
honest – őszinte
reliable – megbízható
saint – szent

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