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2.5 – ünnepek, családi ünnepek

What events do you celebrate with your family?

Which do you celebrate: birthdays /namedays /Christmas /Easter /etc.?

My family usually comes together for different occasions, for example graduations and anniversaries.
How do you celebrate these events?
On my birthday last year we ate at home, I blew out the candles and I wished for something. At Christmas we normally stay at home and visit all my relatives while at Easter we cook ham and paint a lot of eggs. On birthdays we usually eat cakes, drink soft drinks and laugh a lot.
What do you do on these days?
A few days before Christmas we bake the cakes, decorate the house and the tree, and wrap the presents. On Christmas day we open the presents and watch Christmas programmes on TV. We usually eat stuffed cabbage and turkey, and my parents drink champagne. At anniversaries and birthday parties we eat cakes, drink something and have a good time.
What is your favourite family celebration?
I think Christmas is the best because everybody gets presents, the whole house is nicely decorated and the whole family is together.
Can you remember a present that made you really happy?
I always get great presents from my friends and my parents because they read my mind and they know my taste.
When do we celebrate /commemorate national holidays?
On 15th March we commemorate the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, on 20th August – the Fondation of the State and on 23rd October – the Revolutin of 1956. These days are bank holidays, so we don’t have to go to school. These days were milestones in Hungarian history. The school celebration is always the day before.
What do people do on these days?
People wear formal clothes, go to commemorition ceremonies and watch films about these events or performances. Some people just stay at home and enjoy the day off or go on a trip it’s a long weekend.
How do you celebrate them at school?
At school we usually have shorter lessons and a short commemeoration ceremony. Students usually wear a white blouse and a dark skirt or trousers. 
Which national holiday do you like the most and why?
The Foundation of State means the most to me because it determined our history the most.
graduations – bizonyítványosztó ünnepség

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