2017. július 6., csütörtök

2.7 – vásárlás, szolgáltatások (+ posta)

What kinds of shops do you go to and what do you usually buy there?

Do you like shopping?

I really like shopping, the boutiques and the shopping centre are my favourite places.

What are the differences between shopping in different places?
If we think of quality and atmosphere boutiques are the best. If we think of variety supermarkets are the best. In my opinion a shopping center is better than a corner shop because there is a bigger variety, prices are lower and it is self-service.
What do you especially like or dislike buying?
I especially like buying clothes because I like trying its on. I’m not very keen on standing int he queue at the supermarket cash desk.
Where do you go shopping for clothes?
I think the best shops are in the city centre in Budapest. I always find something to buy in the local department store. Before I buy something I always take a look around, try it on, check the quality of the material and ask the opinion of my best friend.
Where do you buy your daily food? What about the weekends?
If I only have to buy the daily bread and milk or a few things for dinner, I go to the nearby grocery because it is faster. When we need a lot of things we go to the big supermarket because it is cheaper and we find everything under one roof. Sometimes we even go to the market to buy fresh fruit because they are good quality.
What are the advantages /disangvantages of counter or self-service shops?
I like counter-service shops because I can talk to the friendly shop assistant, ask for all the articles or get advice and I don’t have to look for the goods myself or push a trolley. I like self-service because I can choose from the articles myself, I can look through the goods and decide which one I like the most and I can take time and look around.
What services do you have? What else could you make use of?
I think we have everything we need, like a pharmacy,a dentist, a medical centre and a public library. I really think that a petrol station, a bank, a takeaway restaurant, a swimming pool, an ice rink and a cinema would be useful to have.
How often do you need these services? What kind of service do they offer?
Whenever something goes wrong in the household we call a mechanic, for example, to fix a dripping tap, a leaking pipe, a video recorder or a broken window. If I need to post a letter I go to the post office.
What do you use regularly? Where do you go most often?
I needed to call the doctor several time. I go to the post office almost every week.
counter service – pultos kiszolgálás
dripping tap – csepegő csap
leaking pipe – szivárgó cső

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