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3.1 – az otthon, a lakóhely és környéke (a lakószoba, lakás, a ház bemutatása)

What are does your room look like? Could you describe your home, please?
- rooms in a house
- the way they are furnished
- the functions of these rooms
- your room

Please describe your room.
My room is quite nice and big. I have white curtains and blue walls. My favourite colours like beige, dark blue and brown are dominant in my room.
What furniture do you have in your room? What does it look like? What is it made of?
I have a quite comfortable bed  and some pictures in the corner of the room. There are some bookshelves, which are made of wood. My desk and wardrobe are of wood.
What do you have on the walls? What is special about room?
Instead of putting up posters on the walls, I like my little sister’s paintings and drawings.
I think my room really reflects my personality. My room is exactly the way I like it.
How would you like to change your room? Why?
I would like to change the colour of the walls, put up wallpaper and have some new furniture.
Where do you live? What kind of rooms do you have?
My parents have a house which is quite big and very comfortable. It has several rooms and a nice garden around. We live in a two-storey house; ont he ground floor we have a living-room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a pantry, a hall, a laundry-room, and ont he first floor we have three bedrooms, a badroom, a walk-in closet and a study.
What does the living-room /bedroom /study /kitchen /bathroom look like? What are the dominant colours /materials /styles?
The living-room is quite big. We have a TV-set int he living room. The dominant colour in  the living-room is white and light yellow. We prefer traditional furniture in the whole house.
What do you think the difference is between living in a house and living in a flat?
I think a house offers more space and is more intimate than a flat. In a house you can have your own bedroom and more place room to store things. Flats usually don’t have so many rooms and a garden around, so they are less comfortable.

walk-in closet – gardróbszoba
pantry – spájz
store – elraktároz 

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