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3.2 – A lakóhely nevezetességei, szolgáltatások, szórakozási lehetőségek

Could you tell me some words about your town or village?
- famous historical sights in Hungary
- entertainment and cultural facilities
- your favourite sights
- what you would show in your home town

Where do you live? Where is it situated?
I live in ………………., which is a small village near the capital city of Hungary. It has a very favourable location because it is situated close to Budapest. It has about thousand inhabitans.
What can you find in the village /town?
Budapest has a lot of old buildings, interesting monuments, tourist attractions and historical sights. Several statues and parks can be found here. It is also famous for its historical city centre, catedral and great hotels.
What kind of services does it offer?
It offers a lot of great places to stay at, good restaurants, shopping centres and parks. There is also the opportunity to watch films, go to concerts and go to athletic events.
What kind of tourist attractions are there?
There are several galleries, museums, monuments and buildings worth visiting. The most famous monument reminds us of historic moments (depicts a great historic figure). A lot of tourists come here every year to visit the ……………Museum, which is in the centre.
What are the main cultural /sport /etc. events in your town or village?
Several cultural and sport events are organized in Budapest. Personally I like the Spring festival the most. If you want some entertainment during your vacation, you should really see the Sziget Festival, wich is held on August.

favourable – kedvező
opportunity – alkalom
depict – ábrázol

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