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3.3 – a városi és a vidéki élet összehasonlítása

Would you like to live in a town or in a village in the future?
- the advantages and disadvantages of living in these places
- the activities you can do in the city and those you can do in the country
- why people decide to live in them
- your present home and your idea of your future home

What is it like to live in a town?
Living in a town is very exciting. There are a lot of cultural, entertainment and shopping facilities and schools you can choose from. There are a lot of opportunities if you want to go out. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the fresh air or go for a walk in the woods.
What is life like in a village?
It is an ideal place to grow up, enjoy nature and grow vegetables and fruit, but I miss the shops and public transport. Village people are peaceful, calm, friendly and hospitable.
In a village you can’t go to the theatre or make use of many service facilities, but you can reach everything easily and keep animals.
What are the main differences between living in a town and living in a village?
Some people say that towns are dangerous and dirty, and villages are sefa and clean. Life in a town is busy and stressful, but at the same time it is full of adventure and entertaining. A village offers lower salaries and worse health care.
Why is it good /not good to have garden?
You can have nice flowers, but you have to dig the ground and rake the leaves in autumn. You never have enough time to enjoy bird song and mow the lawn. It’s a good feeling to eat your own fruits, sit back in a deck-chair and plant a tree.
Would you like to live in a town or in a village? Why?
I would prefer to live in the town because my friends are there (… live in the village where my relatives live). I cannot imagine commuting every day.
It is not an easy question, buti f I had to decide I would choose the village because of the fresh air and the picturesque countryside.

hospitable – vendégszerető
lawn – gyep
dig – ás
rake – gereblyéz
commute – ingázik 

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