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3.4 – növények és állatok a környezetünkben

What kind of plants and animals are there around you?
- usual and unusual pets people keep
- why people keep pets
- what care pets need
- the pet you have /would like to have

What kind of plants do you have in your house and garden /orchard?
We have a lot of pot plants, especially around special occasions like graduations. Our garden is full of pine trees and rose, thuya and lilac bushes. We have huge flower beds in front of the house with lots of marigolds, tulips and lilies.
What kinds of vegetables and fruits do you grow at home and buy at the market?
In our orchard we have plum, apple, cherry and sour cherry trees. We have a huge garden, but we don’t have a truck garden, so when we want to eat potatoes, paprika cucumber or radishes we have to buy them in the supermarket or at the market.
What are the most common pets and animals people most often keep?
Most of my friends have a cat, a dog, a hamster or a guinea pig as a pet, but one of my classmates has a turtle. Some people keep exotic animals at home like a ferret. I always wanted to have a talking parrot, but my parents wouldn’t let me have one. Instead, I got a cat.
Are there any other animals people keep around the house?
In villages people still have hens, chickens, pigs, goats or ducks. People mostly keep chickens, pigs or turkeys for their meals, but a cat or a dog can also catch mice or guard the house.
What kinds of animals are kept in zoos? Why?
Exotic animals like lions, zebras, polar bears, panthers and elephants are mostly kept in zoos because they need a special environment and climate, or they are dangerous. In the Budapest zoo there is even a camel, giraffe, ostrich, chimpanzee and hippopotamus. Some people say it is cruel to keep these animals there, but I think it is great experience for children.

orchard – gyümölcsöskert
pine – erdei fenyő
lilac – orgona
marigold – körömvirág
truck garden – zöldségeskert
ferret – vadászmenyét
hen – tyúk
goat – kecske
ostrich – strucc 

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