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3.5 – környezetvédelem a szűkebb környezetünkben

What do you think you could personally do to protect your environment?
- different types of environmental pollution
- consequences of pollution
- ways of protecting the environment
- what you personally do to protect the environment

What can we do in our everyday lives to protect the environment?
I think it is very important to be aware of environmental problems and air pollution. I always recycle my rubbish and use environmentally friendly things. We don’t have to do big things, just start small, like switching off the lights in the rooms, not using too much water and not throwing litter away in the streets. I have also tried to convince my family and friends to use less water and electricity and public transport more often.
What is the relationship between the use of cars and air pollution? What other means of transport do we have?
I believe car fumes can increase the greenhouse effect, destroy the ozone layer, cause breathing problems and reduce the amount of oxigen.Instead of going by car, we could use public transport or bicycles. Companies could use trains or ships for transportation purposes instead of lorries.
What do you know about the energy sources in the world? What happens if we run out of them?
The most well-know energy sources nowadays are fossil fuels like coal and oil, but solar energy and wind power are also becoming more and more popular. As the traditional energy sources are running out, we could start using alternative energy sources, like earth heat. The insreasing lack of fossil fuels will cause problems int he economy.
What do you know of the world organizations which try to protect /conserve /save the environment and species from extinction? What are their methods?
I know some organizations like Green Peace which try to save the environment. They hand out leaflets and organize conferences or campaigns, and try to call attention to endangered species (make people aware of global warming).
Why is it important to preserve the environment and save rainforests /animals from extinction?
It is important to save our environment because in 50 or 100 years’ time we will not have enough food or energy. I think it’s not only our environment, but the next generations’ too, so we should start to consider the problems of energy.

be aware of – tisztában van valamivel
litter – hulladék, convince – meggyőz , fume – füstöl , increase – fokoz
ozone layer – ózonréteg , reduce – csökkent , amount – oxigén , source – forrás
earth heat – geotermikus (energia), increasing lack – fokozódó hiány
leaflet – röplap

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