2017. július 6., csütörtök

4.1 – saját iskola bemutatása (sajátosságok, pl. szakmai képzés, tagozat)

Where do you go to school?

Which school do you attend?
-         I attend Secondary (Grammar) School which is famous for its strict teachers and high-standard of teaching. My school has a good reputation in the town because it has strict requirements and of its well-qualified staff.
What does your school building and the classrooms look like?
The huge, old school building is situated next to a park. There are about 25 classrooms and they are decorated with posters, charts, maps and pictures. We have our own classroom and I like it because it’s very cosy, well-equipped and spacious. The blackboard, desks and chairs are good condition.
What kind of special classrooms and facilities does your school offer?
We have a library with a lot of books and extensive schoolgrounds with a lot of sports fields. Our well-equipped biology and chemistry classroom offers good oppurtunities for learning. We could have more computers in the computer lab.
What do you like most about school?
 I like the way teachers teach us because it’s motivating, challenging and interesting. I’m lucky to have such classmates who are ambitious, well-behaved and motivated. It is worth going to Szent István Grammar School because there are a lot of extracurricular activities.

attend – hallgat, látogat
strict – szigorú
high-standard – magas színvonalú
reputation – hírnév
requirement – követelmény
chart – táblázat, grafikon
cosy – barátságos
well-equipped – jól felszerelt
spacious – tágas
extensive – terjedelmes
well-behaved – jó magaviseletű

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