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5.1 – diákmunka, nyári munkavállalás

What is it like to work in the summer or to have a part-time job?
- opportunities for young people to work int he summer
- their tasks at different workplaces
- the good and bad points of working in the summer
- summer jobs you have had or would like to have

Why do students have part-time jobs?
-         Some of the reasons for having a part-time job are lack of money or boredom. There are a lot of people who take up a job because they want to buy a cell phone or travel abroad or fulfill their dreams. If you get a job, you can gain experience, make new friends and save money.
What are the advantages or disadvantages of working int he summer?
-         It not easy to get up early in the summer holidays, but it gives you more self-confidence and you spend your time in a meaningful way. It’s true that the salaries are not so high and the working conditions are sometimes bad, but it is better than nothing and you don’t have any other choice. I can’t say that I am happy when my friends go to the beach or cinema and I have to work, but it is worth it.
What are the most typical summer or part-time jobs for students?
-         Student job centres usually offer jobs like handing out leaflets, working in a fast food restaurant, monitoring traffic flow or photocopying. A lot of students enjoy working as a baby-sitter, shop assistant or gardener. Being a baby-sitter is not an ideal job for students because it is too demanding.
What have your working experiences been like so far?
-         I’ve never had a summer job, but my friends always say good things about working.

lack of money – pénzhiány
boredom – unatkozás
fulfill – beteljesít
gain experience – tapasztalatszerzés
self-confidence – önbizalom
meaningful – értelmes
worth – megér valamit 
handing out leaflets – röplaposztás
demanding – keresett

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