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6.1 – napirend, időbeosztás

What does your normal day look like?
- their lives and daily routines
- advantages of these lifestiles
- disadvantages of these lifestiles
- your lifestile and daily routine

Describe a typical weekday of yours.
I normally get up at 7 o’clock, then I have a wash, have breakfast, get dressed and brush my teeth. I usually leave home at 7.30, then I go to school on foot. Then I have lunch at about 2 p.m. at the school canteen with my friends and int he afternoon I do my homework, learn or meet my friends. Int he evening I usually read a book or listen ti music then I take a shower and go to bed at half past ten. I have to organize my day so that everything fit sin it. I spend 6 hours a day at school and 4 hours with learning and studying.
What do you do at weekends?
At the weekends my daily routine changes, I relax or go out with my friends. I don’t have to get up early, and study that much. Then time passes faster when you’re having fun. At the weekends I usually get up later and relax a bit. I can go out with my friends, because I don’t have school the next day.
What could you do to balance your activities better?
I know school has to come first in my life, but I really would like to have more time for having fun or trips. I think I could make a list of the things I have to deal with that might help me to organize my time better. In my opinion I make the most of my time, it is very difficult to find time for everything.
How does it change in the summer?
In summer I have more time for relaxing, reading, watching films, surfing the net or pursuing my hobbies. As I don’t have to get up early, go to school or learn a lot in the afternoons in summer, I can sleep late, read some books and go on trips with ma friends. It is true that I have more time in summer, but I usually spend it with helping my mother in the household or working with my father in the garden.

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