2017. július 6., csütörtök

6.3 – étkezési szokások a családban

What are your normal eating habits?
- where and what people usually eat
- good and bad eating habits
- family meals and their importance
- what you could do to eat in a healthier way

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
For me, breakfast is muesli with milk or a piece of toast with marmalade and butter or a yoghurt. At weekends we have more time, so I prepare an omelette or bacon and eggs.
Where and what do you eat for lunch?
On weekdays I usually eat lunch in the canteen, but I don’t like the food there because it’s overcooked or fatty. Lunch is the main meal for me and it consists of some soup and a main course which is usually some meat with rice or potatoes or a vegetable dish or pasta, followed by a dessert like ice cream, a piece of chocolate or an apple.
What do you have for dinner and when is dinnertime?
For dinner I eat like a bird – I eat some cold cuts with a slice of bread or have some fruit. I like to have dinner before 6 p.m. because I can’t sleep with a full stomach.
How often do you eat out and where?
We eat out only on special occasions such as weddings or birthdays or namedays. My family rarely goes to a restaurant because we prefer home-made food, but I’m fond of Italian restaurants. I occasionally go to fast food restaurants because it’s convenient and fast, but it’s expensive and unhealthy.
Are you a healthy eater?
I think my diet is quite balanced, because I try to eat nutritious meals, a lot of fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy products. I eat a lot of yoghurt and cheese. I pay attention to what I eat because I don’t want to become overweight.

convenient – kényelmes
unsatisfactory – nem kielégítő
unhealthy – nem egészséges
nutritious meals – tápláló ételek

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