2017. július 6., csütörtök

6.4 – ételek, kedvenc ételek

Tell me about your favourite dishes, please, what do you like to eat the most?
- healthier and less healthy food
- restaurant where you can eat these types of food
- popular meals among young people
- your diet and your family’s diet

What are your favourite dishes?
I like breaded meat, vegetable dishes, stuffed cabbage and chicken paprika with dumplings the most. My absolute favourite dish is pancakes with marmalade or chocolate sauce.
What can you cook?
It’s very simple to make an omlette or chips (French fries). I know all the ingredients and how to prepare breaded fried meat, chicken stew and lasagne. My mum taught me how to make broth, all you need is some red meat, carrots, turnips, celerys, kohlrabis, salt, pepper and onions.
Why is it useful to know how to cook at least some basic dishes?
When it’s time to move away from my parents’ house, I would like to be able to prepare my own food. If I don’t want to eat take-away or pre-packed food, I will have to learn how to make some simple dishes. In September I hope to go to university, so I think I will ask my mum to show me how to make some of my favourite dishes and I will get some cookery books to survive the first couple of months.
What is your opinion about the instant and pre-packaged meals?
I think pre-packed meals and take-away food can be really useful when you don’t have time for cooking or you can’t cook at all. I would never eat such things, they are not really healthy. The easiest and fastest way of saving you from starving is to prepare an instant soup or a deep-frozen pizza.
When you order a take-away, what do you usually order?
If I have a lot to study and I don’t have time to make something for myself then I order some pizza or a hamburger. When I go out with my friends sometimes we just drop in a fast food restaurant to have a quick meal. I usually try to avoid going to fast food restaurants because I think the food I get there is quite unhealthy.

stew – ragu, pörkölt
turnip – fehérrépa
celery – zeller
kohlrabi – karalábé
take-away – elvihető
survive – túlél
starving – rettentő éhség

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