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6.6 – gyakori betegségek, sérülések, baleset

What are the most common illnesses people get?
- common illnesses
- when and how people get ill
- symptoms and possible ways of treatment
- the last time you were ill

What are the most common illnesses and health problems?
In winter and spring a lot of people suffer from the flu, have a sore throat or catch a cold. In summer a lot of people suffer from allergies. The most common illnesses nowadays are the common cold, the flu, bronchitis, cancer and pneumonia. Today’s hectic, unhealty and stressful lifestile often causes insomnia, headaches, indigestion, depression or backache.
When were you last ill? What were your symptoms?
I catch bad cold very often and I always feel run down, sick, shivery, weak and dizzy. When I catch a cold, I have a splitting headache, a bad cough, a runny nose and high fever. I have never been seriously ill thanks to my regular way of life, my healthy diet and the vitamins I take.
How do you treat these illnesses?
Last time when I was ill my GP advised me to drink two to three litres of liquid a day, not to get out of bed and to take antibiotics. The best thing to do is to stay in bed, keep warm and drink a lot of tea with lemon. I always take my doctor’s advice and rest a lot so I can recover quickly.
What are the most common injuries or accident? Have you ever had an accident?
People need to be careful around the house and on the street, because they can easily get hurt or break their leg or sprain thir ankle or get bruised. Last time I cut my finger badly. If there’s an accident it’s good to know how to give first aid, how to make a bandage, how to dress a wound and the phone number of the ambulance.
How can you avoid illnesses?
If you want to stay healthy, you should live a healthy life. I personally think that eating fruit and vegetables and limiting oil and fat in your diet are very important. The most powerful weapon against illnesses is a strong immune system and a healthy diet.

suffer – kínlódik
sore throat – fáj a torka
catch a cold – megfázik
cancer – rák
pneumonia – tüdőgyulladás
hectic – mozgalmas, nyüzsgő
insomnia – álmatlanság
indigestion – gyomorfájás
run down – kimerült
sick – levert
shivery – didergő
dizzy – szédülő
splitting – hasogató
GP = general practitioner – általános orvos
sprain – kificamít
bruise – felhorzsol

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