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8.1 – a közlekedés eszközei, lehetőségei, a tömegközlekedés

What means of transport are available in your town (village)?
- when you use different means of transport
- the advantages and disadvantages of each
- what you have to do if you travel by public transport
- what forms of transport you can use in your town (village)?
- possible ways of travelling long distances
- when and how often you travel by these modes of transport
- your experiences and preference

How do you get to school in the morning?

-         I have a season ticket, but I usually go on foot to school.
I live quite a long way from school, so first I travel by train into town and then I change from the train to the metro. I take metro line 2 and travel five stops, then take a 7 or 173 bus and travel 5 minutes then I have to walk until I get to my school.

What types of public transport are available in your town? What are they like and how do you use them?

-         I live in a village, so we don’t have local public transport facilities, but in Budapest there are several forms of public transport such as the metro, bus, tram and trolleybus. They are mostly fast and safe, but occasionally they get stuck in traffic or are crowded.
When you want to travel by metro you buy your ticketat the entrance, then go down, then wait until it arrives, then get on when the sliding doors open, then get off when you reach your destination.
There are also taxis, which are the most convenient way of travelling, and very expensive.

What means of transport do you prefer for long distance travel?

-         When I go somewhere in Hungary I usually take the train (coach), because it is comfortable and fast. I prefer trains when I travel because I can always find a place to sit and I can sleep if I am tired. When I travel abroad I usually choose a cheap airline, because it is faster and more comfortable.

Do you have a bicycle? Does your family have a car? Where do you go on them?

-         I have a bícycle and I usually go on long bicycle tours with my friends in summer. My family has two cars. My father and mother usually take the car to work and to go shopping and we often go on trips or visit my grandparents by car.

Do you have a driving licence? Or do you plan to learn to drive in the near future?

-         I don’t have a driving licence yet, but I would like to get one as soon as possible. It isn’t easy to get a driving licence as it takes a lot of time to learn to drive.

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