2017. július 6., csütörtök

8.2 – nyaralás itthon, illetve külföldön

Why do people spend their holidays in Hungary or abroad?
- places where people spend their holidays
- activities they can do there
- advantages and disadvantages of leisure holidays and city breaks
- your last holiday and preferences
- reasons for going on holidays in Hungary
- reasons for going abroad on holiday
- your favourite (dream) holiday destination

Why do people spend their holidays in Hungary?

-         There are several reasons why people stay and spend their holidays in Hungary, for example it’s cheaper than going abroad, they can visit relatives they haven’t seen for a long time or they can discover beautiful and interesting places in their own country. Sometimes it’s only the lack of money that keeps people from going abroad. I think it’s time that people discovered the wonderful countriside and historic sights of their own country.

Why do people go abroad for their holidays?

-         Nowadays is it possible to travel to all four corners of the world and see different cultures and people. Travel agencies offer package tours or last minute trips to every part of the world and more and more people can afford and want to travel abroad for their holidays.
It is always more challenging to travel abroad, not to mention other benefits, like speaking and practising a foreign language.

Where have you been so far?

-         I think I am lucky, because my parents think it’s very important to see the world at a young age and they can also afford to take the family abroad, so I’ve had the chance to go to France, Finland and Sweden. I’m always looking for oppurtunities to go abroad, so I always take part in projects which involve getting to know foreign students, this way I might be able to go to Japan with the school.

Where is your family going on your next holiday?

-         We always try to visit different places, so this year it will be Croatia for a week and Germany for five days.

What kinds of holidays do you like?

-         My family likes exploring whenever we go on holiday. Last year, for example, we visited a lot of residences in Paris and the North of France. I prefer being active on my holidays, so when I’m away I spend most of my time going sightseeing in the city or exploring the country side.
Unfortunately, my parents don’t really like doing water sports on our holidays, that’s why we always go sightseeing.

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