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8.3 – utazási előkészületek, egy utazás megtervezése, megszervezése

How do you prepare for a holiday?
- necessary items to take on holidays
- what you need on different types of holiday
- things you arrange before leaving
- something you once forgot to take with you and how you managed without it

How do you usually organize your family holidays?

-         We usually choose on the destination, proramme and activities together. My mother books the accomodation on the Internet. Our family tries to avoid the peak tourist season and crowded places when travelling anywhere.

When and what do you pack?

-         My family never makes a packing list, and I always prepare the luggage the night before departure. If it a summer holiday, I always pack clothes that don’t wrinkle and suntan lotion. A rolling bag can be very practical. A backpack and sleeping bag can be very useful.

What travel documents and papers might you need?

-         We always check whether or not our passports have expired. If we travel by car we have to take my father’s driving licence and obtain a motorway sticker. Forgetting about medical insurance or cradit card or reservation confirmations can spoil your vacation.

What do you have to arrange at home?

Make sure you have someone pick up the post, unplug electrical items and water the plants before going on holiday. Arrange for someone to house-sit or mow the lawn. Don’t forget to lock the doors and windows, store valuables in secure places, and move houseplants away from direct sunlight.

What do you do to make your holiday more enjoyable?

We always buy travelogues, and research our holiday destination on the Internet. I search the Internet to find about admission fees to museums, and attractions or sights in the area. Checking the weather forecast or special customs can make our stay more pleasant.

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