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8.4 – az egyéni és a társas utazás előnyei és hátrányai

What are the pros and cons of going on holiday with /without your friends /your family?
- the main features of a package holiday
- who chooses this way of travelling and why
- the advantages and disadvantages of this type of travelling
- your experiences

Why do people go on holiday with /without their friends /family?

-         People go on holiday with their friends to enjoy their company or because they don’t want to travel with their parents. People go on holiday with their family to spend some time together. Sometimes people go on holiday without their friends and family, because they would like to do what they want or would like to be independent.
Some people enjoy going on holiday with their friends or family because they can decide together what to do. Some people enjoy going on holiday without their friends or family because nobody tells them what to do or where to go.
Going on holiday alone can be bad because you can’t share your experiences and enjoyment with your family or you might feel homesick. Going on holiday alone can be dangerous because you might get lost or hurt, and you might get robbed or mugged.

What is it like when the whole family goes on holiday together?

-         When we go on holiday together we can spend some time together and we usually have a lot of fun. When I go on holiday with my parents I don’t have to worry about things. A family holiday is always a nice experience because we always laugh a lot, and my dad keeps telling jokes and making fun of everything.

Have you ever travelled with friends? What was it like?

-         I have often travelled with my friends. Twice I went to their cottage at river Duna with some of my friends and we cooked goulash, played board game and had lots of fun.

What is it like when you go on school trips?

-         Excursion with my class are always funny and interesting because we have a great form teacher and always go to beautiful places. We usually go by bus and we stop on the way to see things and take a lot of photos. The problem is that go on exhausting walks.

What do you think of package holidays? What are they like?

-         I think that package holidays are quite comfortable and there are tour guides to show people around the most popular tourist sights and people can make friends. People going on package holidays can also feel well-protected and safe, or enter places which they couldn’t if they travelled alone. Sometimes it can be annoying to spend so much time with a lot of people.

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