2017. július 6., csütörtök

9.1 – népszerű tudományok, ismeretterjesztés

What are the most popular sciences and fields of sciences nowadays?
the most popular fields of sciences
benefits of scientific achievements for humanity
fields that have developedthe most
where you have met these achievements

Which fields of natural sciences are the most popular and what is their aim?
I think astrology, astronomy, medicine and molecular biology belongs to the most popular fields of sciences. Genetic engineering are among the most discussed fields because they want to prevent hereditary diseases. Scientists do research to help cure illnesses, but unfortunately, some of these experiments are carried out on animals.
In which fields are most researches carried out?
Most researches are carried out in medcine, nuclear engineering and genetic engineering. Medical research is very popular, and it is searching for answers to certain questions and cures for deadly diseases. A lot of research is done under special circumctances like in space or under extreme weather conditions.
Where can you find out about scientific discoveries and inventions?
Most inventions and discoveries are only publicised in scientific magazines, or on special programmes. I sometimes read scientific  articles on the Internet and watch documentaries on TV. Our physics and science teacher is always up-to-date and always tells about the latest innovations.
Where can you see the cutting edge of technology and the latest inventions?

Nowadays, everything is full of modern devices which are at the cutting edge of technology, like films and the Internet. Even when you watch a movie or go to a hospital, you see modern inventions of technology. Technology is used in every field of life, such as for military purposes or in sci-fi films, and then they later appear in our everyday lives as well.