2017. július 6., csütörtök

9.2 – a technikai eszközök szerepe a mindennapi életben

What is the role of technology in our everyday lives?
- inventions and discoveries which changed peoples lives
- life without them
- ideas for further developments
- inventions you couldn’t live without

What are the greatest technological inventions?
I think the telephone, the mobil phone, the televisio  and the computer are the greatest technological inventions. There are a lot of important technological inventions such as the washing machine, the photocopier and the answering machine. The invention of the radio, the fax machine and the satellite was a milesotne in the history of technology.
Which electrical devices are used at our homes and why are they useful?
Electrical devices like the hairdryer or the electric razor surround us at home. The washing machine and the dishwasher are called labour saving devices because they save our time and make our life easier. The most common electrical devices used at home are the toaster, the microwave or the mixer.
Which electric devices do you use for entertainment?
I have a CD-player and a laptop, and them make me happy. Having an MP3-player means that I can listen to music wherever I am. With my Internet access I can download music and ringtones.
How did people live without electrical devices and how has their life been changed by them.
Before the washing machine was invented, people had to wash by hand. Before the electric cooker was invented, people had to make fires. Life without the car was more inconvenient. It’s very difficult to keep up with the latest technological inventions and the older generations are not always interested in, or not willing to use these inventions.
Which electric device would you miss the most?
I couldn’t live without my computer, because I’m addicted to the Internet. I cannot imagine my life without my mobil phone. Despite the fact that computers and mobile phones can be very harmful to personal relationships, I’m conviced that they are useful and necessary.